Human Therapies

 Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy will be available in late 2019.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy isn't just great for animals, it's great for people too! Laser therapy for people  is able to help with things like:  Arthritis, chronic pain, muscle, tendon or ligament injuries, and muscle recovery in elite or amateur athletes.  Laser Therapy for people will be available late 2019.

 Alexander Technique

Most of us have some muscles that are overworked and some that are too weak to do their job. The Alexander Technique encourages the muscles to rebalance so they can work more efficiently. Our Alexander Technique Teacher, Lesley, is able to help with things such as Rider performance and position, performance optimisation for sports people, chronic pain, those who have had previous injuries or simply those that wish to improve thier balance and co-ordination.

Alexander Technique sessions are held in Evesham, and for those that are new to the technique the first session is at a reduced rate of £20.

For more information, please contact Cotswold Animal Therapy, or visit Lesley's Website to find out more about the Alexander Technique.