Case Studies

Please scroll through the page and take a look at some of the conditions and patients we have treated.  

Chronic, non-healing wound case. 

August 2017

This wound was located on the paw of a Collie, who had undergone surgery to remove a broken dew-claw. 

Post surgery, the dog had managed to get to the wound and remove the sutures, so it was being managed as an open wound and was healing by second intention. After approximately 1 month, the wound had begun to granulate but had completely stopped healing. This can happen with chronic wounds, where they become 'tired' and the healing slows down or stops. 

At this point, after a chat with the vet, the case was referred to me and  I went along to laser the wound. As I am a nurse, I was able to re-dress it as we went along. The series of date-stamped photographs show the progression of the wound healing over 5 treatments. 

The laser was used directly on the wound as well as all around the wound edges, and served to 'kick start' the healing process again allowing epithelialisation to be maximised. In this situation, the laser will up-regulate the Cell metabolism in the affected area and will normalise the epithelialisation process, leading to an excellent result for this patient. 

Event Horse With Multiple Chronic Conditions

April 2018 

Prince Keel is an event horse with a history of various conditions, including kissing spine, hock problems,sacroiliac issues and a large ringbone left hind. In 2015, he was retired to grass due to these conditions, and it was anticipated that his career was over.

However, in 2017 his owner decided to try bringing him back into work to see what would happen. Keel felt stiff, and was reluctant to work correctly from behind, preferring to fall onto his forehand and not working softly through his back. Laser therapy of his back,SI, hocks and ringbone was commenced, and Keel's perfomance improved almost immediately.

It was decided to try him eventing again once a suitable level of fitness was established, although it was still a little in doubt as to what level he would be able to perform to.

Keel had a full laser therapy treatment whenever he started to stiffen up again throughout the 2017 season, with the laser roller ball being used to really work hard at the muscles over his back in order to combine laser therapy with a massage. The roller ball enables the tissues to be compressed, allowing for greater penetration of the laser light and a deeper tissue massage.  These sessions, combined with careful and correct work, enabled Keel to achieve completions at several 1* eventing competitions in the 2017 season. He has continued with the same laser program as part of his management, and won the BD Novice Thoroughbred Championships at Vale View in November 2017. He has since stepped up to Medium level dressage and continues to be managed with laser therapy keeping him comfortable.

Keel can be seen below in the CIC* At Chilham Castle. He topped off his season with a fantastic completion at Gatcome CIC* and is now focussing on Dressage with the aim of competing at Advanced level this season.

Dressage Horse With a History Of a Sore Back

July 2018

This lovely dressage horse initially presented as a KS patient, with a sore back, a tight neck, and possible hock problems.

His back and hocks were medicated, and he has been managed with correct work on the Equi Ami, and under saddle.

He has a monthly deep tissue massage with the Class IV laser on his back muscles, laser therapy on his hocks as needed, plus monthly physiotherapy. His way of going has much improved with treatment and on his most recent visit his neck and thoracic sling felt better than ever. He is a performace animal, and therefore his physiotherapy routine is targeted to ensure maximum comfort, performance and recovery. His monthly maintenance helps stop any back spasm creeping in, treats any small trigger points, mobilises his joints and aims to maintain him so he can perform at his best.  His back has not needed any further medication, and the aim is to use the laser to lengthen the time between any further hock  medication - it is lovely to see him on such good form.