Laser Therapy

Cotswold Animal Therapy has invested in a Companion Animal Health CTX 15 Watt Class IV medical laser. This is the most powerful therapy laser currently available on the veterinary market and would usually be found within the veterinary practice setting. We are one of very few independent therapists in the country to have this technology.

Laser is useful for;

  • wound healing
  • arthritis/pain control
  • injuries of varying kinds, including iliopsoas injuries, and post stem cell/PRP.
  • tendon injuries
  • mud fever
  • sore muscles
  • kissing spine patients

 Laser Therapy is suitable for horses, dogs, cats, exotic species, and is even used in human therapy.  It is a safe therapy when in the hands of a competent professional.

Laser treatments are completely painless, non-invasive and fairly quick. Most patients love their treatment and find the treatments very relaxing. Usually, there is fairly rapid improvement after treatment begins.

Laser light targets effected tissues, to bring about a physiological change on a cellular level. This is often anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory, pain killing, and can help to speed up healing.

The YouTube video below explains in more technical terms how laser therapy works 

Below are some laser therapy fact sheets, feel free to download them, or contact us for more information.